Thursday, 6 February 2020

Treatment of coronavirus: a new research

                            Dr. Neeraj Meel
 I am presenting a new scenario of treatment of virus. We must have to present new ideas, opinion and tricks about the treatment of coronavirus  in this situation . Regarding this treatment I would like to show and I would like to say that it should be created as clinical diagnosis under the clinical supervision. if it is used for the person who have affected with coronavirus it will remove the coronavirus. for the coronavirus treatment we must have need the followings:

Ingredients of corneeraj:

1.Natural fresh Snack egg:1
2.Natural Garlic knot:2
3.Natural ginger paste : 20gms
4. Snake waste(potty): 10gms
5.Natural ground water : 100ml

Mix all the ingredients with mixer grinder as well and shake it 3 minutes very well then it should be preserved with sunlight for 1 hour after it it is ready to use.

How to use :
 give the mixtures in 20 ml, 4times in a day after 3days test the patient. If reports comes positive then continue this treatment for 2more days and sure tension free, corona virus free.

Note-Although this treatment has not yet been tested but But what is the harm in testing before death.

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